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Redemption at the Ranch

One way our church’s passion for the gospel manifests itself is through Redeemer’s support of Restoration Ranch, a local center for drug, alcohol, and emotional rehabilitation treatment center for those in need of physical and spiritual help. Several members of Redeemer have poured both finances and time into supporting the Ranch.

Jordy Searcy, a junior at the University of North Alabama, has been a member at Redeemer for almost a year and wanted to share about his time at the ranch:

Restoration Ranch is one of my favorite things about the Shoals area.

I was first introduced to the ranch by David Vial (a member and retired Deacon at Redeemer). David invited me out to lead worship at one of the ministry’s nightly services. During my first visit I immediately sensed the community amongst the members of the Ranch. This community was born out of the Holy Spirit’s presence and impact in the lives of the members.

Although the worshipers at the Ranch come from many different backgrounds, they are united by two things:

1. The devastating effect that substance abuse has had upon their lives.

2. The magnificent grace of God towards them concerning their addictions, relationships, jobs, and more importantly the sin in their life.

Recently I visited the ranch with (Redeemer Pastor) Scott Barber, (Redeemer Worship Leader) Lee Taylor, (Redeemer member) James Thigpen, and my friend Travis Dykes. During this service I sang and played guitar with Lee, while Travis played percussion. Scott then got up and preached a message that was great for everyone in the room to hear.

The thing that struck me most about my visit to the ranch last Friday was whenever something was said or sung about the salvation that comes through Christ, or the freedom he offers from sin, everybody shouted or clapped. Because of their past and the holy spirit’s presence, the people at restoration ranch are acutely aware of the magnitude of the forgiveness of God.”

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’” (Matthew 25:40 ESV)

Jordy’s story is just one of many stories told by members of Redeemer about the impact of the gospel on Restoration Ranch. To learn more about the Ranch and ways to get involved, stay tuned or contact David Vial at 

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