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God rebuilds through community

This fall a group of Redeemer women have been meeting to participate in a study of the book of Nehemiah.

In the first three weeks, we’ve seen how studying God’s word together while being faithful to pray for one another is strengthening our bond as a group. The study has also had the effect of revealing God’s amazing love and abundant grace in our lives and within the Redeemer community.

To that end our group has been struck by Nehemiah’s knowledge of scripture and his dedication to prayer. We have been convicted by his discipline and have since committed to praying for one another on a daily basis and to that end have started keeping prayer journals to record both prayer requests and praises.

Similarly, we’ve found that as Nehemiah prayerfully seeks God’s will in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, we see divine healing occur in the hearts of God’s people. As the Israelites toil, we’ve watched them become a community of believers dedicated to doing the will of God and dedicated to serving one another.

We’d love to have others join us. We meet in the kitchen and almost always manage to brew a pot of coffee to go along with a compelling study, quality prayer time, and sweet fellowship.

The Women’s Nehemiah Study takes place on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the Redeemer Kitchen. We are using the video series and text, Rebuild: A Study in Nehemiah published by The Gospel Coalition (TGC).

Editor’s note: This blog was written by Vicky Hulsey. Vicky is a member of Redeemer and works at the University of North Alabama as a professor of Special Education while serving as chair of the university’s Elementary Education Department.

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