Multiplying Disciples, Engaging the World, to the Glory of God

We are a community of believers dedicated, in word and deed, to loving the Shoals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to build disciples of Jesus Christ from particular people who will be energized by the gospel to go to other people groups and impact the Shoals area socially, economically, and culturally. Redeemer is a member of Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

Redeemer seeks to be a Reformed, Connected, and Gospel-Driven Church
  1. Reformed – This speaks to our doctrine: We believe that God is sovereign over every area of life. There are no maverick molecules. Every person and every event is part of God’s providential rule and plan for all of creation.
  2. Connected – This speaks to our governing principles: We have voluntarily made ourselves accountable to other churches. We work in cooperation with other churches to reach people with the love of God.
  3. Gospel-driven – This speaks to our emphasis: We believe man is more sinful than he even realizes, but in Christ is more loved and accepted than he ever dared dream. We believe that man sins against God by failing in his obedience to God and by relying on his obedience and good morals to earn God’s favor.